31 Day Nail Art Challenge Day 17 ~ Glitter

Ok this is the last post unitl tonight when I get today’s nails posted! These are my glitter nails for the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge. And another Loaded Lacquer mani…I really do love her polishes!! And I even have some more on their way to me and then some more that I want to get when she releases them later in the month!!! Sometimes I think I should just give her all my money and be done with it! LOL! For this look I used two of her Jiggles polishes. On my thumb, pinkie and middle finger I used 3 coats of Coconut and then topped it with a coat of Saki Bomb. OMG Saki Bomb is my favorite glitter of hers!!! It has both of my favorite colors in it….pink and purple. I have already used this polish a lot and am going to be purchasing a backup soon lol. I would hate to run out! Then on my ring and index fingers I used 3 coats of Grape, a gorgeous purple jelly polish. As an accent I took one of the large pink holographic circles and placed it on each nail. I then finished with 2 coats of Glisten & glow HK Girl top coat to smooth it all out. I could just look at this all day! The glitter is just so pretty and sparkly! Ok enough of that, you get the idea!



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