31 Day Nail Art Challenge Day 18 ~ Half Moons

Today in the 31 Day nail Art Challenge we have half moons. This was one of those looks that I had pictured much better looking than the actual end result. I really do not like the way this turned out and I’m not quite sure why. Just isn’t what I had pictured I guess. Anyway after my base coat I applied 2 coats each of Pipe Dream Polish light of day (pinkie), on the list (ring finger), all in (middle finger), v.i.p. pass (index finger), and high roller (thumb). When those were dry I used half moon nail vinyls from NailVinyls.com and applied a thick coat of Zoya Purity then removed the nail vinyls immediately. To that I added a coat of Starrily Bright Light, a yellow, purple, pink, blue, green bright neon hex glitter in a clear base. To give it a nice smooth finish I applied 2 coats of Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat.  I keep hoping that these nails will grow on me because I love all the bright colors but it just isn’t happening. Can’t put my finger on exactly why I don’t like it, I just don’t lol. I guess we all have those moments. Please excuse the way my hands look. I think my camera freaked out with all the neon colors and I could not get my skin to look a normal color to save myself!



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