31 Day Nail Art Challenge Day 21 ~ Inspired By a Color

This theme is the start of the most challenging part of the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge…the inspired by section lol. The first is inspired by a color, the easiest of them all! I chose Starrily Poisoned Apple, a beautiful deep maroon holo nail polish with a hint of bright holo gold specks for my inspiration color. Then I paired it with Pretty & Polished Rake A Little Piece of My Heart, from last year’s fall collection so unfortunately it is no longer available to buy. Some of the glitter pieces in this polish match Poisoned Apple wonderfully. I really liked this combination and it was simple since it was a busy weekend for us. We went and visited with our oldest son and his family on Saturday. Then Sunday was grocery shopping, which is always such fun….NOT!!

For this look I applied 3 thin coats of Poisoned Apple to my pinkie, middle finger and thumb. To my ring and index fingers I first applied 2 coats of OPI My Vampire is Buff and then a coat of Rake A Little Piece of My Heart. I finished with a coat of HK Girl over Poisoned Apple and 2 coats over Rake A Little Piece of My Heart to make it smooth. Nice and simple, but very pretty! At least I think so lol. The pictures were taken in full sun to get the full holographic effect!!!

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