My Sporadic Posting…..

I know I keep saying that I am going to start posting more consistently but I don’t think that is going to happen right now. It seems as though with every doctor’s appointment or test my mother has the news just keeps getting worse. I can’t even imagine how she is dealing with all this because I feel like I am just about to the breaking point! Of course all other things in life don’t stop when things like this are happening. It feels like we have this big black cloud following us around lately. Just a multitude of things going wrong all at once and it is getting hard to handle. I NEED A BREAK!! LOL So instead of telling you that I will be posting more consistently, I will just say that I will post as often as possible. Posting to the blog involves a lot more though and writing, even when just a small post, than posting to Instagram lol. Some days I just don’t seem to be able to string two words together, let alone a whole post. So if you are interested in what I am doing and haven’t seen a post here in awhile, hop on over to my Instagram! My Instagram is @deezdazzlingdesigns.Thanks for your patience and understanding. Someday my life may return to normal lol. Although at this point I am not entirely sure what normal would be! I will be trying to post as much as possible here and there may be some times where I do manage to post consistently. And then there will be times where you don’t hear from me for awhile, especially with the holidays rapidly approaching. I usually love the holidays but….is it January yet??? LOL not really because that means snow and cold here but you know what I mean! Have a good day everyone!


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