Lots of New Zoyas

Even though I wasn’t posting or doing much with my nails other that painting them, I was still keeping up with all the special deals that the holidays usually have to offer. And than means lots of great Zoya promotions to choose from! I took advantage of several over the last few months and as I write this post, I am awaiting more to arrive soon!

The first Zoya deal that I took advantage of was offered on Good Morning America. They were offering a number of boxed trios of Zoya polishes, I can’t really remember how many they were offering but I picked up two of them: the Silver & Gold Trio which included Trixie, Ziv and Storm and the Sugar Plum Trio which included Thea, Haven and Margo. Each of these boxes were $15 and they were offering free shipping. Aren’t those the classiest gift boxes too!



Next I got in on their Cyber Monday Mystery Bag & Box. When you ordered this you had no idea of what exactly what you were going to receive. I wasn’t worried since I have never gotten anything from Zoya that I haven’t loved. Included in my Mystery Bag & Box was the following: mini Zoya Color Lock System Kit which contains their Anchor Base Coat, Armor Top Coat, Fast Drops Polish Drying Drops, and Remove +, 3 mini polishes in Alix, Lael and Willa, mini Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator, Qtica Intense Lip Repair Balm, and a white Zoya gift bag. I was very happy with the Mystery Bag & Box. I have been having a very hard time with extremely chapped lips so I was happy to see the lip repair balm. I mostly only use it at night before I go to bed because it has a less than desirable taste and smell but works great!


And finally I just happened to be looking at Facebook when they decide to have an impromptu promo for 50% off  your entire order! So I used this opportunity to pick up a few things I had been wanting and then to my surprise I also received a free gift of a 3 polish sampler pack with my order.  So I ended up getting 9 polishes plus a 2 oz. Remove+ for the price of 3 plus shipping. Not a bad deal if you ask me! The polishes in the gift sampler were Racquel, Gabrielle and Valentina. The ones I ordered were Savita, Posh, Harlow, Oswin, Nori and Imogen.

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