Azature Nail Lacquer



Today I have some polishes for you that I purchased in December from Azature. They were having a birthday sale and all their polishes were $6. Right now on their website their polishes are selling for $18 – $25  each. It was too good of a sale to pass up! Yes this is a luxury brand of polish and I probably would never buy them at full price. That just does not fit into my budget! They are unique in that each bottle of polish contains a real 1.2 mm black diamond.  I purchased three polishes from their sale. All of them had a formula that was smooth and very easy to work with. All swatches are 2 coats topped with HK Girl top coat.

Plum Diamond ~ A beautiful purple polish with a subtle shimmer too it. An amazing color of purple and if I had to pick my favorite of the three, this would probably be it.


Wine Diamond ~ A glittery berry/wine colored polish. It does dry slightly textured but smooths out nicely once you add a top coat.  Now I am not sure I should really include the first picture with the bottle in it  in my post here! One very concerned person on IG left this comment when I posted the picture on Instagram: “Those nails need help I would be embarrassed TO show them just saying!!!!!”. I politely responded with the following: “Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to be rude”. Now I will not say that this did not bother me at all, but it mostly just left me wondering what was so embarrassing about the picture.  I do know that the winter is taking it’s toll on my skin and nails and they have been a bit on the dry side. And I also know I am not the world’s greatest photographer or a professional nail tech but I didn’t think it looked that bad lol. Maybe she thought he reflections in the one nail were smudges or something? I don’t know and I certainly didn’t let it bother me too much , but it still rather puzzles me to this day lol. But here they are any way….you have been warned though!!!!!!!!!

Horizon Diamond ~ A lovely deep blue-green polish with a nice shimmer to it. This one was had to capture the exact color. In person it leans a bit more green than blue.

For those interested in purchasing Azature Nail Lacquer you can do so at their website: AZATURE


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