I keep hoping that I can get on track and start posting consistently and it never seems to happen. I have been sick since Easter and am just now starting to feel better. I had a day or two where I thought I was getting better but it didn’t happen! So here I am and barring any other bumps on the road, hopefully posting consistently for a little while at least. It has literally seemed to be one thing after another for a long time now and I need a break!


   Today I have something new for you. I was contacted at the end of March by Blair from Rocksbox, a jewelry rental service,  about a sponsorship opportunity.  Well since I love jewelry, I said of course! I received a 3 month complimentary membership and a code to share with my followers! Rocksbox differs from most subscription boxes in that  it is a rental service that allows you to borrow designer jewelry pieces to wear as much as you want and then return them and receive more.

To join Rocksbox and become a Shine Insider all you need to do is go to and sign up. It is $19/month. When you sign up and use the code: deezdazzlingx0x0 you will either receive your first month free(this is in the first 30 days that my code is active) or you will receive 50% off your first month. First thing you will do is take a style survey and add items to your wishlist. You can also link your Instagram account to your Rocksbox account and any jewelry that they post on their Instagram account you can comment with #wishlist to add the item to your wishlist. After that you just sit back and await your first Rocksbox set’s arrival in the mail. When you receive your package open it carefully with the pull tab on the envelope because you will reuse that envelope to return your jewelry pieces. On the inside of the envelope you will find an adhesive strip that you use to reseal the envelope to return your pieces. Rocksbox has some very cute and also very secure packaging.

Inside the envelope you will find a box with a ribbon closure. Upon opening the box you will find a card that says in my case Hey Denise!, of course yours will have your name! Inside that card is a note from from your stylist with a short explanation of the pieces they chose for you. And also a list of your items and their retail price and the price for members who decide they would like to buy their pieces. That’s right if you find a piece that you absolutely love and would like to add to your personal jewelry collect you can buy it for a 20% member discount. And each month you get $10 Shine Spend to put toward any pieces you decide to purchase. This $10 Shine Spend expires at the end every and cannot be accumulated. Each Rocksbox set contains 3 pieces of designer jewelry worth an average of $200 per set.  Some of the designers you could receive jewelry from are Kendra Scott, House of Harlow, Loren Hope, and many others. Also in the box is a prepaid return shipping label for you to affix to the envelope and return your pieces. You can return your pieces as often as you want or keep them and wear them for as long as you wish. It’s up to you how frequent and how many boxes you get in a month. All for just $19!

All your pieces arrive in seperate little bags and often wrapped in bubble wrap. Very nice and secure!

Now for the jewelry! I received 2 necklaces and a pair of earring. All the pieces were gorgeous and had a very nice feel to them. Nothing cheap or flimsy about them. I am very impressed and look forward to seeing what else they send me! Now I definitely have found I really need to work on my photography for this type of post. It is very different from taking pictures of my nails! And as I am writing out this post I have figured out that I really should have taken more pictures…seemed to forget to take any individual ones!! Oh well this will be a work in process and will hopefully improve with each subsequent post lol!! So since i didn’t take individual pictures I decided to crop out sections of the picture below to get some closer shots of the pieces. I promise I will do better!!!!


My two favorite pieces from the box were the Perry Street Maddie Crystal Necklace and the Perry Street Daisy Crystal Earrings. They are beautiful and just my style. I tend to prefer more statement type pieces and these fit the bill nicely. They paired well together and I wore them for Easter. The Perry Street Maddie Crystal Necklace retails for $75 and the Insider’s price is $60. The Perry Street Daisy Crystal Earrings retail for $50 and the Insider’s price is $40.


This next piece is very delicate and pretty but unfortunately I have always had a problem with some necklaces not fitting and this is one. I guess I have a large neck lol. This is the Gorjana Super Star Necklace in Gold . The retail price is $80 and the Insider’s price is $64.


And there you have my first Rocksbox set. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! And as I said I promise to keep improving on these type of posts in regard to the number and quality of pictures! Overall I am very happy with this jewelry service and look forward to receiving more pieces in the coming months. If you are a jewelry lover I would definitely recommend this. You get very good quality jewelry that you can swap out as frequently as you want. No getting tired of wearing the same pieces over and over again! And don’t forget to use my code: deezdazzlingxoxo . I really hope this post makes sense because while I am feeling better, I am still not 100%. I am beginning to think that allergies are playing a part and that does not make me happy!! I have never dealy with allergies before but last year I had a cold that would not leave. When I went to the doctor she suggested that it was possible that since the pollen last year was really bad people that don’t usually have problems  were experiencing allergies. And also that as you age you can develop them even if you have never had them before. Everything I have been reading is saying that it is another bad year this year as well for pollen. I just hope I can figure out something that keeps me feeling better!! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great day!



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