Best laid plans……..

They seem to fall by the wayside quicker than I can blink my eyes these days! Between computer issues and trees falling on the cable line into our house it has been a frustrating couple of weeks! I started having some issues with my computer about 2 weeks ago and after looking into them decided my hard drive was going bad. I ordered one and the day it was delivered it came later than normal. It was after 6pm and I just decided I would wait til the next morning to put it in and start that painful process lol. Well I got up and turned computer on and I basically think my hard drive gasped it’s final breath lol. At least I had the new hard drive already! So I got the hard drive in only to discover the Windows disc that I had was only an update version….meaning if you didn’t have a previous version of Windows you couldn’t use it. Needless to say my brand new hard drive had nothing on it at all! Luckily my middle son saved the day since he had an extra copy of Windows 8.1 ( wasn’t overjoyed to upgrade to Windows 8, I was perfectly happy with my Windows 7 lol but beggars cannot be choosers as the saying goes!!) In order to be able to install Windows *.1 I had to download the files onto a flash drive. In the middle of downloading my computer mostly turned off. The lights on the power button and hard drive indicator were still on but nothing else! Looked like I needed to order a new power supply. At that point I was about ready to just throw the stupid computer out the window into the yard! So off to Amazon I went and ordered a new poser supply and figured while I was at it I might as well get the speakers I had been looking at since my speakers had been slowly going bad as well(when it rains it pours here!). At that point I wasn’t too keen on waiting until Monday or Tuesday to get them so thank goodness for Amazon Prime!! I chose 1 day shipping and they were here the following day! Installation went smoothly.

So thinking I am good to go I download the files onto the flash drive and install Windows 8.1. Then it is time to start the process of re-installing all the programs I use when I find that my internet connection is not working. Seems that a lot of people have that issue when upgrading to Windows 8.1 after Googling it. Unfortunately I was not having much luck at finding a fix for my problem. So first thing I did was to get a new cable to see if maybe mine had gone bad(I didn’t think that was it but at that point it was the easiest and least expensive thing to try….it wasn’t!) Then we went to see about finding a new network adapter and while I was looking at them it dawned on me that we had a brand new wireless one at home. I had gotten it when we were considering moving the hubby’s computer to a new location and didn’t want to have to string more cable! So I installed that and ta-da I had internet again!!! Then of course Windows had all kinds of updates for me to download and install…one of them must have been a fix for the no internet problem because after that my wired connection started working again. I was thinking I was good to go and started editing and watermarking the crap ton of pictures I have taken. Then came Tuesday….the day I planned to start writing up and scheduling blog posts. The night before it had stormed here pretty good and with those storms was a lot of wind that also carried over into Tuesday. My hubby and 2 sons who are still at home had all just left for their softball game when about 5 minutes later I heard this horrible noise. First initial thought was that my 2 cats had knocked over something but I quickly discarded that idea since it was way louder than nay noise they could have produced! I was almost afraid to go and look to see what had happened lol. I went and looked and at first couldn’t find anything and then I got to the window at the top of the stairs and glanced out………



I had found the source of the noise! So out I went to take pics and text them to hubby to let him know what happened. I hadn’t even begun to think that that was where our cable line comes into the house. When he called that was one of the first things he asked was if it took the cable line down. Well it did but at that point we still had cable and here that means….phone, tv and internet bundle! The cable box on the house is down low near the bottom of the house and they run the cable up the side of the house and then take it over across the road and attach it the pole there, so when the tree fell it basically just stripped the cable off the house and of course lowered the cable hanging over the road. Which in turn made caused someone most likely driving through on the road by our house call the fire department lol. They got there just as I got off the phone with the cable company…after being on hold for over 10 minutes lol. So the firemen pulled the cable out of the apple tree that it was resting in and made it flat across the road and left after finding out that I had already contacted the cable company. I still had all services at that time. Not long after they left the guy from the cable company arrived and looked things over and said that he wouldn’t be able to put the cable back up until we got rid of the tree because there was no place for him to put his ladder. I told him that we still had service which kind of surprised him. He looked things all over and said that he was fine with leaving it like it was until they could come back because the cable was flat on the road and not going to hurt anything . Then he decided maybe he should call in and make sure that was ok. Well needless to say I didn’t have cable for much longer lol!! They figured that someone would probably see that and think they needed to call 911 so they told him to cut it ūüė¶ and then they would be back to reconnect it as soon as we got the tree out of the way. So after hubby came home from softball he set up a light(it was dark by then) and after breaking the pull cord in the chainsaw lol, proceeded to chop up at least the top part of the tree that was right next to the house. Yes it narrowly missed the house thank goodness. I think it may have hit a corner of the new metal roof that we just put on the house last year though because the corner looked like it had a few small dents maybe. This picture shows from the angle of the very top of the tree and how close to the house it was.


It was a fairly large tree! And is still laying in our yard as I type lol.

P1150262 P1150264

We just cleaned up around the house as much as we could so that the cable guy would be able to get his ladder put up to the house. Of course we did that at around 10:30 at night because otherwise hubby would have either had to take the next day off or we’d just have to wait for him to come home from work to do it and be without tv, phone and internet, which in our house is a major tragedy(in our minds at least lol)! Hubby called the cable company that night after we got done so that they would be able to come out right away the next day……WRONG lol. We could have done it after he got home from work. They never came until after 7:00pm the next night and only one guy for a 2 person job! So hubby and youngest son helped out lol. Finally a little after 8:00pm we had everything back to normal. YAY!!!

¬† ¬†My dad used to watch HeeHaw all the time when I was growing up(unfortunately…I am not a big country ¬†music fan lol especially older country music of that time and before!). With all the stuff that has been going on in my life over the last few years, all I can keep thinking of is that one segment from that show where the 2 guys are standing in a corn field and singing “if it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all”!Hopefully we are coming to a point of good luck or at least no more bad luck for awhile. I really just need a break! Some of it has been worse than others but it all adds up and just weighs you down! Anyone have a nice private island somewhere tropical with a nice warm sandy beach and a gorgeous cabana boy to wait on me hand and foot?!?! I sure could use it right about now lol! I know a lot of you could care less about all this but I find it therapeutic and just like to let you know why I never seem to be able to get my act together! I would much rather just be lazy lol!!! Hope you all have a great day and there will be interesting posts soon!!!! Well at least I hope they are interesting lol!


One thought on “Best laid plans……..

  1. Hi, Wow ! You have a very cool writing style…js…that is all pretty nutty…but me an many sure..are glad that YOU are ok. thank you for writing, i for one appreciate and enjoy reading it.

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