Rocksbox Box #2

Today I have my second box of designer jewelry from Rocksbox. Rocksbox is a jewelry rental service where you receive 3 pieces of designer jewelry worth an average of $200 in each box. Rocksbox is $19/month and you can keep the jewelry as long as you like or return it as soon as you would like. If you really like a piece and would like to buy it you have the option to purchase each piece at a discounted members price. I have a more detailed post here.

In each box there is a card that has a little note from your stylist and the contents of your box. This one was a little confused lol. My card says that I had a necklace, earrings and a ring included in my box. Upon opening it I found a ring and 2 necklaces. So I took a picture of the unidentified necklace and sent an email to Rocksbox asking for information about it. And in a very short time had an answer. Very awesome customer service! As with the first box, all the pieces were beautiful and nicely made. Now on to the jewelry!

First up is the Matterial Fix Floral Statement Necklace (India Collection) retail price $90 and Shine Insider’s price $35. This is a pretty necklace. I really like the style and the stones are a nice blueish green color. The stone color is showing more blue in the pictures but in person it definitely leans much more green. I don’t really wear much green and never would have chosen something like this for myself.  With the right outfit it would look fabulous!


Next is the SLATE Spectrum Necklace retail price $60 and Shine Insider’s price $54. This was my favorite piece of the set. This is a gorgeous necklace and I love the simple fun design. The addition of the crystals dresses it up a bit and helps to make it a versatile piece. It has a very nice, sturdy feel to it. It would look great with t-shirt and jeans or a little black dress!



And finally the Kendra Scott Haylee Ring in Gold Iridescent Drusy retail price $60 and Shine Insider’s price $48. I really liked this piece as well. The ring has a delicate look to it and I love the  iridescence of the drusy. Lots of sparkle and shine with this ring. While this ring is very lightweight it still has a very nice well made feel to it.



I am really enjoying Rocksbox. It’s nice to be able to try a variety of different jewelry without having to buy every piece. That just is not in my budget lol! I feel really awkward still with trying to take pictures and get decent shots. It is a lot different then taking pictures of my nails. I will keep plugging along and hopefully improve with time. Don’t forget to use my code deezdazzlingxoxo if you would like to sign up for Rocksbox. The code gives you your first month free. I highly recommend the service if you enjoy nice jewelry!




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