Mentality Nail Polish Neon Jelly Holos

Today I have most of Mentality Nail Polish’s Neon Jelly Holo Collection to show you. I believe I am missing 4 of the colors. I have a few other polishes from Mentality and they have all been very good quality polishes and I have been very happy with them. And I need more lol! Why are there sooooo many wonderful indie polish brands out there?!?!? My budget just does not stretch far enough lol! When I first saw mention of these polishes I  knew I was going to have to have some of them at least!! Neon, jelly AND holo! Yes, please!!!!! All of the polishes that I had previously owned from Mentality have great formulas and these are no exception. They went on smoothly with no issues. All swatches are 2 coats with a coat of Oh So Wet top coat, which I purchased at Sally Beauty Supply.  Now onto the pretties!!!

Alarm Now on Mentality’s site they describe this as a bright red holographic neon….ummmm to me it looks pink! Maybe a little bit of a red leaning pink but still pink lol. Whatever color you want to call it, it is still gorgeous neon holographic jellyness(Is that even a word? Well it is now cause I say so lol!)


Bolt  This is a bright purple neon holographic. I love this color and it is probably one of my most favorite ones from this collection. Of course it would be since purple is one of my favorite colors along with pink.


Drama This is another one of my favorites! And again this is one where Mentality’s site says it is a bright red toned pink holographic…..ummm I don’t really see pink when I look at this shade lol. More of a coral shade that leans more red. But again who cares how you describe this color…it is gorgeous!!!


Electrify This is a bright blue neon holographic. Makes me think of a Smurf all decked out in holographic goodness…well sort of, it may be slightly darker than Smurf blue but close enough for me lol!


Scandal This is bright pink neon holographic. This is my favorite of the two pink ones I have. Nothing like a pretty neon pink polish and holographic to boot! One of my favorite colors for summer!


Shake This a bright orange neon holographic. I have to say this is my least favorite of the ones I purchased. It has a very gray cast to it and that subdues the brightness somewhat. Just not as pretty as I thought it would be.


Shock This is a bright green neon holographic. I was very surprised to find myself liking this one as much as I do. I am not usually much for green anything. It just has never been a color that I gravitate towards very much. But this is an awesome bright green and I do find that if I like a green it is a lot of times in this type of shade.


And there you have them , all the colors that I have from the Neon Jelly Holographic Collection. I might have to snag the other 4 lol. Mentality not only has great polishes but her prices are just as amazing. The Neon Jelly Holographic polishes can be purchased on her site for $6.75! And if you live in the US there is free shipping on any order!!! You can find them here.


One thought on “Mentality Nail Polish Neon Jelly Holos

  1. i think i like the 1st one the best….not that im gonna use any of them, lol, but another great job describing the polishes 🙂

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