OMD3 Nail Art Challenge ~ Teal

Today starts the OMD3 Nail Art Challenge! A month long nail art challenge with a different theme each day.  Just what I needed to help inspire me to get back to some nail art!


 Today’s theme is Teal. For this design I started off with NYC Strip Me Off as a base coat. This makes it much easier to remove the base layer of China Glaze Ray-diant, a clear base with greenish gold shimmer full of multi-colored glitter. The formula on the glitter was really good and not gloopy and hard to apply like some glitters can be.  I topped that with 2 layers of Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl top coat to smooth out the glitter and make it dry faster. I then used some chevron nail vinyls and China Glaze My Way or the Highway, a pretty teal creme polish  over top of Ray-diant. I then finished with another coat of Hk Girl top coat. I’m happy with the way this turned out. And I really love Ray-diant, it’s beautiful and would be great worn all on it’s own!






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