OMD3 Nail Art Challenge ~ Polka Dots

The next theme in the OMD3 Nail Art Challenge is Polka Dots. Recently KBShimmer had one of their rare sales so I took advantage and picked up a few polishes from their summer collection.


Lei It Again, Alloy Matey!, Sarong Place, Sarong Time and Sun & Games

I love them all but especially the pink and purple, so I decided to use them for this design. I started with 4 thin coats of Daily Hues Nail Lacquer Amelie then added varying sizes of polka dots toward the lower half of my nail using Lei It again and Sarong Place, Sarong Time. I finished with a coat of HK Girl top coat. I really love the white with subtle gold sparkle in Amelie. I thought it added a little something extra to the look . Very happy with the way it turned out. With the small exception of some misshapen polka dots!


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