OMD3 Nail Art Challenge ~ Travel

Travel is the next theme in the OMD3 Nail Art Challenge. Whenever I think of someplace I would like to travel to, someplace tropical with lots of sun, beautiful blue water, nice sandy beaches and amazing sunsets. It is those amazing sunsets I tried to capture in this design. I started off with a thick coat of Zoya Snow White and let that dry. I then took a dampened makeup sponge and put a gradient of Orly Be Daring, Neon Heat and Push The Limit over the white. I had seen someone somewhere give the tip about dampening your sponge a little when doing gradients and it will keep you from getting little bits of sponge stuck all over your manicure. It works pretty well! I added a coat of Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat and let it dry completely. Then I stamped palm trees on each nail using Sinful Colors Black On Black and Shany Cosmetics stamping plate SH19  and added another coat of HK Girl. These are probably my 3 most favorite colors and I love how they look together.


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