pipe dream polish Street Carnival Collection

Before I get into the polishes I want to let those who do not know of pipe dream polish that yes, it is spelled in all lower case letters. I belong to the pipe dream polish Facebook group and April(the creator of pipe dream polish) herself explained that this is the way she wants her polish name spelled as well as the names of the polishes,  I haven’t completely lost my mind, yet lol!! I have had this collection for a little while but just have been either busy, sick or it has been too humid to try and paint nails! Finally things reached a short lull in both busyness and humidity so that i can do these and some other polishes that i have to swatch and review. Ok enough of that boring stuff! It’s time for the polishes!!!

If any of you have ever tried pipe dream polish’s A Night In Vegas Collection then you know what an awesome formula those have. Well the Street Carnival Collection is no different. All the polishes are cremes that have that same awesomely smooth formula. I do not believe the Street Carnival Collection polishes are considered neon,  but they are very bright beautiful colors. They do dry very quickly like her ANIVC polishes and also slightly dull so use a top coat for lots of shine. All of them have a shimmer that you can see pretty well in the bottle but I could only really capture one of them with the shimmer in pictures.  All swatches are 2 coats topped with a coat of Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat.

First up is tabanca, a beautiful bright green. It is a deeper green than high roller from the ANIVC, which is more of a lime green


Next is celebration, a beautiful vibrant blue. It is maybe more of a turquoise blue than happy hour from the ANIVC which is more a of a medium blue. In my opinion any way, which doesn’t amount to much because I feel rather inadequate when trying to describe colors! This is the one color that I was able to really catch the shimmer in the polish with the camera. The rest hid from me!!!


Next is rhythm, an awesome true orange. The colors of all these polishes are so rich and vibrant! I think I almost like them more than the ANIVC! 110 degrees from the ANIVC is very much neon and completely different from this one in color and tone.


Next I have harlequin, a gorgeous royal purple. And obviously one of my favorites from this collection since I adore all things purple lol.


And last, but certainly not least is maquerader, a beautiful deep pink. In comparison to on the list from the ANIVC it is definitely much deeper with a bit of a more purple tint to it when they are side by side.


And there you have it….the pipe dream polish Street Carnival Collection. If you are able to grab a set of these or some of them individually  I’d definitely recommend them. You will not be disappointed! And like the polishes from the ANIVC they water marble awesomely!! Now the tricky part is getting your hands on these because they are in such high demand! Please be patient! April from pipe dream polish does an awesome job creating these beautiful polishes, but she is only one person and is trying to do the best she can to get everyone their chance to own some of these awesome polishes. This is taken right from her site regarding further restocks on her website:

::: All polishes that are not discontinued, including clearwater and the Street Carnival Collection (SCC), will be restocked periodically as often as possible with no public announcements of their restocks/release. :::


  • A Night in Vegas cremes (ANIVC) will only be supplied randomly in the shop unannounced. They will be restocked infrequently in small quantities on a random basis so that we can concentrate on newer polishes going forward. There are no plans to discontinue these polishes but there will not be anymore announcements for their restock until further notice.


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