Yes I’m Still Here!!!

Hello everyone! I’m sure some of you have been wondering if I maybe had dropped off the face of the earth and then others probably haven’t even given me a thought lol. Whichever the case I am sorry for my extended absence!  The holidays ended up being much harder to get through than I had anticipated. I think that we, or maybe it was just me, had just been numb, on auto pilot after and just got through it all in survival mode after my mother died. This last Christmas was even harder which kind of surprised me. Whatever it was I just didn’t have the energy or even desire to try and keep up with the blog. I have even toyed with the idea that maybe I should just abandon it but after some thought I just really didn’t want to do that. With the kids being grown and not much for me to do these days I need something to keep me occupied lol! But I would like to make some changes to the blog. I would really like to branch out a bit and not just focus on nail art/polish. I have already included some makeup posts here and there in the past. I would like to delve into that even more and also have some posts that are slightly more geared toward more mature( I really dislike that word but not as bad as saying old lmao! I just am at a loss for another term!) woman. In my own experience in searching the net for information on makeup products and skincare I have found it rather difficult to find information geared towards people more my age( I will be 50 in a few short weeks!). Not that there aren’t some of us out there among the younguns in the blogging world! But a good deal of what I do find are articles telling me what they believe women of my age should not be wearing…a lot of which I do not agree with lol. I may be older but I am far from dead and will probably be rocking glitter at my funeral lol! Also I am going to be undertaking the journey to get healthy and shed some very much unwanted pounds that I have acquired since having my hysterectomy. And then there is the menopause….would also maybe like to have an occasional post on that subject as well! Big ideas that only time will tell if I can accomplish some of this! I am by no means an authority or professionally trained on any of this but would like to be able to provide a place where ladies in my situation can come to to maybe find answers, options, etc. Or even have some ladies contribute their own stories and the solutions they have found to work for them. I will still focus a good deal on nails art/polish since that is one of my great passions and what I know best, the other I am just muddling along with in life and trying to find my way!  I would also really like to change the name of my blog but I am horrible at trying to figure out a new name. It took forever to come up with the one I have and although it is an ok name it is not one I am overly enamored with! Any suggestions are welcome. And last but not least since I am approaching a major milestone birthday I would like to have a big giveaway to celebrate and also celebrate my return! Any suggestions, ideas or help would be greatly appreciated! I also would love to hear your thoughts on all the ideas that I have presented to you and that have been rattling around my mind for the last couple of months along with the thoughts on maybe trying to start a YouTube channel lol. I have been batting that one around for a long time now. Just when I think I will just bite the bullet and give it a whirl I hear of someone’s issues with hateful people and nasty comments and I think to myself, do I really want to deal with that??? I am still trying to fine tune my ideas  and formulate a plan, but I am glad to be back and will be posting again soon! I hope that everyone’s new year has been off to a good start and that it will continue to go that way!


One thought on “Yes I’m Still Here!!!

  1. hi, nice to see mail from here 🙂 5o ?!?!.. omg 🙂 just kiddin….your a very young 50….i got a word (possibly) instead of mature, maybe experienced ?. anything you write about i enjoy reading, js 🙂

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