My Trip to Denver

   Hello everyone! Last month I took a much needed vacation for myself. I have a friend who lives in the northwestern part of Kansas that I went and visited. Since Denver is closer to her, that is where I flew into and we spent a few days there.

I have only ever flown one other time and that was ages ago! About 30 years to be exact. I flew home with my oldest son, who at that time was 3 years old(he will be 33 on May 5!!!). We had visited with my aunt and uncle who had lived in Alllentown, PA at that time.A lot has changed since then and I vaguely remember flying. I think I was more concerned with keeping my son calm and occupied! And my uncle made all my arrangements. SO this really felt like my first time flying and traveling by myself! Of course we had to go all in too! I flew out of Cleveland, which is about a 2 hour drive from my home. Both my flight out and my return flight home had layovers…on the way out I flew to Denver by way of Atlanta lol.On the return home it was a bit more of a logical layover….Detroit. Omg in Detroit I landed at I think gate 9 and to catch my flight for the rest of my trip home I had to go to gate 71!! Since I had about 3 hours to kill I decided to take up some of my time by walking from gate 9 to gate 71! Maybe not the best idea…that was a lot of walking LOL. While making that long walk I ran across this shop and had to take a pic! My youngest son’s name is Dylan!


  I have never been much of a traveler(Only because it’s so expensive!! I would love to travel more!) and this was my first time in Denver. It is absolutely beautiful and the Rockies are amazing! I only saw them from afar this time but maybe I will get back there again sometime and get to see them close up! Other than the mountains the thing that struck me the most was how flat the land was…VERY FLAT and so few trees lol!! I am from northwestern PA and it is the land of hills, valleys and lots of trees!!!



My friend Kathy and I spent spent a couple of days in Denver and she showed me some of her favorite places to shop! Of course there had to be shopping involved, right? One of the places we went was the Park Meadows Mall. Now mind you, I am a small town girl from a fairly rural area lol. I had never been to a mall that had 2 levels of stores lol. I have been to malls where some of the department stores have second levels but only one level of mall stores. The Park Meadows mall was beautiful and had so much character with it’s decor! And of course it had a stand alone Sephora, which I had never been in! We only have one located inside JC Penny’s and it is not really very big lol. The ladies working there that helped me with my very first high end foundation purchase were so nice and very helpful. Oh and I bought Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation. I really like it.

Ok so Denver is flat but Kansas is so much flatter lol!!! Had to have a pic of the snowplowing sign since my hubby works for PennDOT!


I had a great time and look forward to doing it again. It was so good to have girl time and girl talk!! It is in short supply in my life….3 sons and a hubby will do that lol!! I will definitely have to go visit Kathy again and who knows maybe I will even take hubby along too lol! We need a chauffeur, right lol???  If you ever get a chance to visit that part of the country(or world, depending on where you are from), I highly recommend it!


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