February Nail Art Challenge ~ Galaxy

Nail Art Challenge

I have reached the final day of the nail art challenge and I am actually going to be posting on time…just barely lol. The last theme is Galaxy nails. As I have used Zoya’s polishes with the micro holographic glitters, I thought that most if not all the ones I have would make great galaxy nail art. So instead of deciding on just one of them to do galaxy nails with, I decided to use all the ones I had! Kind of a galaxy themed skittles mani. I have been having a few issues with a few of the Zoya polishes shrinking so I used Zoya Anchor base coat , Armor top coat, and Fast Drops, then added a coat of HK Girl top coat for a nice shiny finish. That seems to be helping.  For each finger I used 2 coats of the base color and then sponged on 2 additional colors plus white in between those colors. For the small stars I used white acrylic paint and applied them with a dotting tool and used a nail art brush for the larger stars. I used a lot of polishes for this look, which I will list by finger in the order I used them:

Pinkie:  Zoya Blaze, Essie Head Mistress, SinfulColors Snow Me White, and SinfulColors Folly

Ring Finger: Zoya Aurora, Color Club Miss Bliss, SinfulColors Snow Me White, and Zoya Malia

Middle Finger: Zoya Dream, Sally Hansen Xtremewear Pacific Blue, SinfulColors Snow Me White, and Color Club Over the Moon

Index Finger: Zoya Payton, SinfulColors Dancing Nails, SinfulColors Snow Me White, and SinfulColors Bikini (this is my favorite one!)

Thumb: Zoya Storm, SinfulColors Silver Screen, SinfulColors Snow Me White, and Color Club Beyond

I wasn’t sure how this would turn out but I was pleasantly surprised at how well it looked with each nail a different color scheme. Galaxy nails always look so complicated but are really very simple to do. And so ends this challenge. I hope you enjoyed seeing my nails as much as I enjoyed doing them and sharing them with you.


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